And that’s why they’re friends.

ID Please

No sir, I don’t believe anything you say 
I still don’t believe you are this person 
You are much less than that
You are a spec of dust struggling with self-awareness 

I disagree! I am absolutely Everything. I am even You.
And everything has no limits. We will forever expand. 
We are a looping cycle of growth and we will never stop growing. 

But what the fuck is the point of growing? Who the fuck made you the king of the universe to even let you decide that? 
We are meaningless specs of pure nothingness. 
Once we die, we reunite with our father alright, but it’s not the great indescribable presence that IS the Universe, it’s just a giant black hole that you will forever fall down. And you won’t even know you’re falling because you won’t exist. 

That’s an interesting thought, but even Nothing has to be Something. Nothing is just as indescribable as Everything. So maybe the black hole is just a portal to a different awareness of one of the infinite alternate realities that exist within the multiverse. 

Or maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s just the end. 

Or maybe it’s the beginning. 

We can throw around maybes all night sir, but I still need to know one thing: who are you? 

I am. What about you?

I am not. 

Well, that settles that. 

I never fucking said that
God, Buddha, Gandhi, The Dali Llama, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath and everyone else probably (via thebatty)
Rant About What I Believe In

The one thing that I 100% believe in is that nothing is ever certain. The eye of perception is my god. I pray to the gods of Subjectivity, Paradox, and Nihilism. Nothing can ever truly be proven, so why believe anything but the fact that we can never know? I know faith is often seen as an act of courage, but I personally think the more courageous thing to do is to trust nothing. Why should we trust our senses? our reality? I’d rather take a leap of uncertainty instead of taking a leap of faith. I guess in a way, uncertainty is my faith. 

Shadow Cat I am also like the shadow cat. I move quickly when something approaches.When imitations and new frustrations Plunge at us from the dark,I stop trying to understand. The shadow cat just watches, And does not bother to wonder Why it watchesBut the cat of darkness May show us the white sky.The same white sky that we All wonder about every night. Sometimes, all it takes to cure Unshakable wonderIs a good staring contest.You blinked. 

Shadow Cat 

I am also like the shadow cat. 
I move quickly when something approaches.
When imitations and new frustrations 
Plunge at us from the dark,
I stop trying to understand. 

The shadow cat just watches, 
And does not bother to wonder 
Why it watches

But the cat of darkness 
May show us the white sky.
The same white sky that we 
All wonder about every night. 

Sometimes, all it takes to cure 
Unshakable wonder
Is a good staring contest.

You blinked. 


Machu Piccu (by WillDaravong)


Machu Piccu (by WillDaravong)

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The Swift Current

Has enveloped me! 
I am being mailed to
A new home, 
Filled with unknown. 

I lunge through the air 
At break-neck speeds. 
Did I break my neck? 
Do you keep me in check? 

I dive into the flow, 
The flow that I do not know. 
There is an attic full of– 

Currency’s current is 
Currently confusing. 
There is no gold to trust,
Yet green is a must. 

So many ways 
For so little days 
Who do we trust? 
Which wolf do we feed? 
Why are there so many wolves?! 

Is it true that people tether people? 
In the sense that no one is a person.
Individualism is a lie,
Which makes Unity the truth. 
But if you don’t believe me, 
Then I am deceived.
I am the lie. 
You are the truth. 
We are the current. 


Makin’ logos for The Silverwings. I made them this a few years ago, but it needed an update.